Ted Bellinger

Food-Systems Consultant

Teds background is in finance, analytics, strategy and operations, beginning his career in New York City as an investment banker and private equity investor. In 2013, Ted moved to Colorado where he managed key strategic initiatives at Craftsy, a Denver-based online education and e-Commerce startup. He has also worked at Kopernik, an international development NGO in Indonesia that distributes solar lights, water filters, cook stoves and other clean technologies to remote communities across Southeast Asia. Ted has extensively studied food systems and the negative impacts that the current industrialized food systems have on the environment, animal welfare, and human health and is currently evaluating ways to apply his background to generate lasting improvements in both local and national food systems

John Brett, PhD


Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver


A nutritional anthropologist on faculty at the University of Colorado Denver (Emeritus), John’s research has focused on dietary decision making, micro-finance, and food security in urban settings in Latin America and the U.S.  His current work on localizing the food supply and food security in Denver neighborhoods has led to the realization that the current food system isn’t broken (which could be fixed) but fundamentally unfair, with benefits skewed toward corporate producers and costs piling onto those segments of the population with the least choice. John is convinced that food security will only be realized as the historical and structural inequities in the food system are revealed and changed.

Maggie Brown

Owner, Mindfully B Movement


As a young girl, Maggie fell in love with her grandfather's garden and all of the delicious stews, pickles, and fruits that it created. Nowadays, Maggie believes in the power of experiential education and works to improve the food system for low-income, rural, and inexperienced community groups. She recently opened Mindfully B Movement, a community wellness center serving the Barnum neighborhood and surrounding areas of West Denver. Maggie holds a B.S. in Human Nutrition-Dietetics from Metropolitan State University.

Courtlyn grew up in western Colorado where she took full advantage of abundant opportunities to spend time outdoors hiking, biking, and skiing.  Her love of the outdoors and concern for the environment led her to study environmental engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. Now she is a senior in the program and expects to graduate in May 2018. 

Courtlyn has worked on several farms across the United States, and she spent a summer studying food systems in Denmark and England.  Not only was this farming experience rewarding, but it also created an appreciation for the hard work that goes into agriculture and the amount of food waste that exists across the world.

In addition, Courtlyn co-founded a nonprofit organization in 2016 called BridgeUSA that engages college students in virtuous discourse about contentious issues.  She also enjoys volunteering as a park ranger in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and playing cello around Boulder.  

Courtlyn Carpenter

Co-founder, BridgeUSA



Reuben is responsible for Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships at Metro Caring. He has merged his previous careers in politics, education, and social work with his passion for agriculture. While spending a decade in social work, he began to understand the importance of access to affordable and healthful food for all.  His passion for growing food at home led to starting community gardens which then led to farming for different entities, such as Denver Public Schools. He currently also manages multiple urban farms and a greenhouse where he integrates food production outputs with an operation that daily distributes three tons of (mostly) redirected food waste to people in need. 

Reuben is a former Rocky Mountain Farmers’ Union fellow, and currently sits on the board for a new agriculture-based faith community called The Land.  In the summer of 2016 he joined the mayor-appointed Sustainable Food Policy Council of Denver for a two-year term.

Reuben Gregory

Sustainability & Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, Metro Caring


While at Stony Brook University pursuing a degree in Sustainability Studies  and Environmental Design, Policy, & Planning, Mike helped to develop a rooftop farm atop the university hospital which fed patients with dietary restrictions.

Since then, he has gained experience in organic farming, trail building, and environmental education for several nonprofit organizations and government entities. Currently, he is Vice President at Jovial Concepts and leads their Plant The Seed Project youth gardening initiative. He hopes to get back to his rooftop roots using Permaculture Design and Green Roofing Professional certifications.

Mike Spade

Vice President, Jovial Concepts

As Gleaning Manager, Dan is responsible for the consolidation, expansion and operational well-being of the Gleaning Network in the UK and EU. After many years working in the private sector, Dan decided to bring his knowledge of operations and partnerships to the charitable sector. He now plans to save the world, one apple at a time. Dan also volunteers for, works with, and helps to steer Made In Hackney, an environmentally minded charity that teaches vital food and cooking skills. Having left behind the beautiful Lake District to see if the streets of London really were paved with gold, Dan jumps at any excuse to go gleaning in the countryside.

Dan Woolley

Gleaning Network Manager, Feedback