It's good to know you like to get dirty.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our work, strengthening our communities and our foodsheds. Please sign up to join our trained gleaning corps or let us know in what other ways you'd like to get involved in our collective efforts to reduce food loss in our state.

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Mobile Digits
We are creating a list of volunteers who can respond to farmers who call us on the spur of the moment sharing that they have surplus produce. If you'd like to be added to our text list, please enter your mobile number. Thank you!
Plant the seeds of good Karma!
In which geographical region(s) would you like to glean?
Getting from Point A to a farm can be a hop, skip, and a jump (plus a few more hops and skips). Please share your appetite for travel.
Thanks for your interest in getting your hands dirty on a local farm. If you're keen on rolling up your sleeves and helping out in other ways, please share your superpowers below and we'll be in touch llickety-split.